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Village Movement California advocates with diverse audiences including local and state policymakers to ensure that Californians have and know their options for aging support.

Master Plan for Aging

The California Master Plan for Aging is a blueprint to prepare the state for the growth in California’s aging population and continue the State’s leadership in aging, disability, and equity. It is the culmination of a two year process of research, community engagement, and thoughtful analysis. It has five bold goals:

  1. Housing for All Stages & Ages
  2. Health Reimagined
  3. Inclusion & Equity, not Isolation
  4. Caregiving that Works
  5. Affording Aging

Village Movement California and its members advocated successfully for inclusion of the village model of social care in the Master Plan for Aging. Goal Three includes objective #90 “Promote and adapt village models of volunteerism and services to reflect the strengths of California’s diverse communities.” Village Movement California is leading efforts to fulfill the objective so that more older adults have access to our life affirming communities.



The California Department of Aging and California Commission on Aging are leading a statewide discussion about reimaging and reinventing regional aging and disability services. The current systems are decades old, and with the Master Plan for Aging in place, they need to be updated to meet the needs of California’s growing and diverse communities of older adults.

The State envisions a strong Aging “Hub and Spokes” system in every community to help Californian adults and families navigate and access choices for home and community living:  Easily accessible “hubs” for aging services provide the public with information, planning, and care coordination that’s person-centered and culturally responsive. Aging “spokes” connect the public to a range of community, county, health, and other partners to support health, life satisfaction, and longevity. Learn more here.

Village Movement California believes Villages must be included in the new system.



Please attend an upcoming, State sponsored Hubs and Spokes Town Hall meeting to advocate for villages inclusion in the regional hubs and spokes plan.

Rural & Remote California Townhall 
9/28 | 2:00pm – 3:30pm
Register here

Los Angeles & Southern California Townhall 
10/12 | 2:00pm – 3:30pm
Register here

Make written comments through these links. Deadline is October 31, 2021.

Use these speaking points to make the case for villages.

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Palos Verdes Peninsula Village members at a barbershop quartet event

Member Spotlight

Palos Verdes Peninsula Village

Palos Verdes Peninsula Village provides a community where members continue to grow, engage with one another, and age with independence, dignity and purpose.  Through volunteers and referrals, we provide support and services for members who have chosen to live in the communities and homes they love as they get older. Our mission is to preserve and enhance the comfort, security, dignity and sense of belonging for older residents who wish to continue to live on the Peninsula.