Advocacy & Policy

Village Movement California advocates with diverse audiences including local and state policymakers to ensure that Californians have and know their options for aging support.

Master Plan for Aging

Governor Newsom has called for a Master Plan for Aging to serve as a blueprint for strategies and partnerships that will promote healthy aging and prepare the state for the coming demographic changes. The timeline for a completed plan is October 2020.


Add your voice to the Master Plan! Go to Master Plan Website to share your ideas for an age friendly California. Feel free to cut and past some or all of these statements.

  • Villages belong in the Master Plan for Aging
  • Villages’ peer to peer programs and services help older adults remain connected to community and to age well in the places they call home
  • Villages are an antidote to the social isolation and loneliness epidemic
  • Villages serve older adults who don’t qualify for public services, but can’t pay for expensive services
  • Villages lead and contribute to Age Friendly Community plans
  • State and local government, along with healthcare, business, and philanthropy, should support the growth and operations of villages

Contact Us to join the Village Movement California Master Plan Team. Help us give voice to the value of our movement and ensure its inclusion in the statewide plan for aging.


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Member Spotlight

Pasadena Village

Pasadena Village is not a place to live but a way to live. Our members build strong, supportive relationships through a rich array of member-led programs and activities that help us remain engaged and productive, while making  new friends. We are committed to reflecting the richness and diversity of our neighborhoods. We share a mutual goal to have fun, learn and help each other.