About Us

Village Movement California is a coalition of grassroots community organizations called villages. Together with our partners, we seek to revolutionize the experience of aging.

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Our Movement

At Village Movement California we believe in the power of community to achieve society-wide change in the way we age. Every day, we lead the way with the proven tools, connections and visibility so that villages-and in turn Californians-can thrive.

Because when we join forces, we ensure that all Californians have access to vibrant communities that enhance and expand the ways we can age well. Together we can make so much more progress than we can ever achieve alone.

Our Villages

From Sonoma to San Luis Obispo to San Clemente, our network of 50 villages (and growing) empower older Californians to age better! Villages are peer led membership organizations that connect older adults to the community, programming, and expertise they need to continue living in their homes and chosen communities.

Our History

In 2015, Village Movement California was formed after a year-long planning process to assess viability, gather broad input, and build a shared vision for a statewide organization to scale the Village model. With strong interest and support from stakeholders across the state, VMC secured a three-year grant to fund the design and launch of our statewide coalition.

From 2018 until retirement in 2024, Charlotte Dickson served as the Executive Director. Under her leadership, programs were developed that accelerates the uptake of the village model across California. She successfully advocated for inclusion of villages in the state’s Master Plan for Aging and built relationships with powerful stakeholders crucial to implementation of the Plan’s village goal.

Today, Village Movement California advances the growth, impact and sustainability of California’s Village movement through a robust program of advocacy, marketing and communications, a Village Incubator (to facilitate the creation of new Villages), Caregiving Support, a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training Institute, and an annual conference that highlight best practices. A Village Accelerator (to enhance the impact and sustainability of existing Villages) will soon be added to our portfolio.

Palos Verdes Peninsula Village members at a barbershop quartet event

Member Spotlight

Palos Verdes Peninsula Village

Palos Verdes Peninsula Village provides a community where members continue to grow, engage with one another, and age with independence, dignity and purpose.  Through volunteers and referrals, we provide support and services for members who have chosen to live in the communities and homes they love as they get older. Our mission is to preserve and enhance the comfort, security, dignity and sense of belonging for older residents who wish to continue to live on the Peninsula.