About Us

Village Movement California is a coalition of grassroots community organizations called villages. Together with our partners, we seek to revolutionize the experience of aging.

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At Village Movement California we believe in the power of community to achieve society-wide change in the way we age. Every day, we lead the way  with the proven tools, connections and visibility so that villages-and in turn Californians-can thrive.

Because when we join forces, we ensure that all Californians have access to vibrant communities that enhance and expand the ways we can age well. Together we can make so much more progress than we can ever achieve alone.

ChaiVIllageLA members toast another successful outing

Member Spotlight


ChaiVillageLA is the first synagogue-based village in the country, a bold partnership of two cutting-edge Los Angeles-area synagogues­—Temple Emanuel and Temple Isaiah—to challenge their congregants to rethink their paradigms of aging and use their accumulated experience, talents, wisdom and creativity to build a community of support, caring and enrichment. Being a faith-based village, ChaiVillageLA aligns itself with the values of its synagogues and the wider Jewish community.