What We Do

At Village Movement California we use the power of scale to invigorate California villages and build statewide momentum.

As part of a statewide coalition, villages band together to ensure their collective voice is heard and that they have the necessary resources to deliver on their promise: to provide meaningful opportunities for growth, connection, and joy; for people of all backgrounds and economic means to age with dignity, purpose, and self-determination.

We provide our partners with a single source to access this powerful segment of our society. We lead the effort to kick-start the analysis of health and wellness indicators: to tell a data-driven story that demonstrates the profound impact that villages have on local economies, social capital, public health and individual well-being. This is how we support member Villages.

Make the Case for Villages

We raise the visibility of California villages, the village model and our new organization to spur awareness and excitement.

Village Tools & Resources

We support and empower member villages by providing the tools and resources they need to thrive. A robust library of webinars and slides, toolkits and marketing materials is available online.

Advocacy & Policy

Village Movement California advocates with diverse audiences including local and state policymakers to ensure that Californians have and know their options for aging support. The state’s Master Plan for Aging is an important focus of advocacy efforts.

Research & Publications

We work with individual villages to gather and analyze the data that demonstrates the impact villages are having locally and statewide. Evidence of impact published by the University of California, Berkeley provides a foundation for further study.

Training, Events & Conferences

We  provide a variety of in-person and web-based events to boost visibility and capacity of villages. We make recordings and materials available on our website for round the clock access.

Community Care Connections members provide support through transportation assistance

Member Spotlight

Care Connections Network, Huntington Beach

Care Connections Network is a vibrant, active village located in suburban Huntington Beach, California. It is a faith-based village and its membership is comprised of both congregation and community members.  Members are focused on educational and social opportunities and the most popular of these is the monthly educational seminars with a free lunch. Seminar presenters are sourced from local community partners and vetted vendors or other organizations serving older adults often sponsor the lunch.