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You are on the front lines of building the movement. You know what people want in terms of services and support to help them lead a life of purpose and meaning. You could benefit from the wisdom of other leaders’ experience. Why reinvent the wheel when there are close to 60 villages tackling some of the thornier problems about aging-in-community? Village Movement California understands the challenges you face in managing programs and services. We are curating training programs and organizing efforts to help support you.

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ChaiVIllageLA members toast another successful outing

Member Spotlight


ChaiVillageLA is the first synagogue-based village in the country, a bold partnership of two cutting-edge Reform synagogues — Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills and Temple Isaiah — to challenge their congregants to rethink their paradigms of aging and use their accumulated experience, talents, wisdom and creativity to build a community of mutual respect, support, caring and concern. In ChaiVillageLA there is no distinction between members and volunteers. Rather, all members are expected to contribute approximately four hours per month to the health and vitality of the community. Service can be in a variety of forms, including serving on a committee, working in the office, organizing an interest group or program, or providing assistance to a fellow member.