Are You Ready to Revolutionize the Experience of Aging?

Launching the Incubator!

The Village Incubator will spark development of new villages across California. Learn how to launch a village in your community & expand the ways we can all age well.


Launch your Village


Discover all the ways you can collaborate with Village Movement California to build innovative, community-based solutions that empower older adults to remain in charge of their lives as they age.


Fulfilling our Potential

Join us for our 5th Annual Statewide Conference on Friday, June 2 at Preservation Park in Oakland, CA!

The time is right for villages to step into their crucial role within California’s aging services continuum. Learn about the local and statewide opportunities at hand. Gain knowledge, skills, and resources to advance your village’s mission and vision.

Volunteerism is the Heart of Villages

Over 3,000 intergenerational village volunteers offer a range of services to help keep older adults safe, supplied, & confident about aging in the places they call home.  Every volunteer contributes to our movement’s culture of care. Volunteer at a village.

Community Care Connections members provide support through transportation assistance

Member Spotlight

Care Connections Network, Huntington Beach

Care Connections Network is a vibrant, active village located in suburban Huntington Beach, California. It is a faith-based village and its membership is comprised of both congregation and community members.  Members are focused on educational and social opportunities and the most popular of these is the monthly educational seminars with a free lunch. Seminar presenters are sourced from local community partners and vetted vendors or other organizations serving older adults often sponsor the lunch.