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Village Impact Report

Learn how the Village Model of Care supports older Californians
and advances the state’s Master Plan for Aging.

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Together, we can address the growing crises of loneliness, housing instability, and unaffordable care across our state.

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Fulfilling our Potential

Over 100 village leaders, stakeholders, and sponsors joined us at our our 5th Annual Statewide Conference on June 2, 2023 in Oakland, CA.

We named the conference “Fulfilling our Potential” because we stand at a threshold. Our villages are strong, new villages are under construction, and the wider aging world knows who we are! See Conference Recap.

Volunteerism is the Heart of Villages

Over 3,000 intergenerational village volunteers offer a range of services to help keep older adults safe, supplied, & confident about aging in the places they call home.  Every volunteer contributes to our movement’s culture of care. Volunteer at a village.

Photo of 6 villages in front of a waterfall

Member Spotlight

Pasadena Village

Pasadena Village is not a place to live but a way to live. Our members build strong, supportive relationships through a rich array of member-led programs and activities that help us remain engaged and productive, while making  new friends. We are committed to reflecting the richness and diversity of our neighborhoods. We share a mutual goal to have fun, learn and help each other.