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society-wide change in the way we age.

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The Age of Leadership - Statewide Convening May 31

Over 110 people attended Village Movement California's inaugural statewide convening on May 31, 2019 to build connections, share expertise and learn about social isolation, leadership development, diversity and inclusion, and our movement's future direction.

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Village Movement California is a coalition of grassroots community 
organizations called villages. Together with our partners, 
we seek to revolutionize the experience of aging.

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Local Ideas Deserve a Statewide Stage

When village leaders connect, they can share learning, challenges and successes like what’s happening at Community Connections in Plumas County, a village with members as young as 5 years old! We channel the energy of villages across the state to promote the ingenuity happening at local villages that results in enhanced choices for everyone to age well.

Bold Ideas & Invested Partners

Expanding the possibilities for aging well means engaging new partners. Villages provide critically important supports  and services to help their members stay healthy and out of the hospital. When health care organizations and villages enter into mutually beneficial partnerships, members gain access to a wider array of services and support, and villages can prosper by attracting new supporters.

Lead the Conversation

When villages  join forces, their united voice becomes bigger and stronger. Villages and Age-Friendly Cities share a vision for creating a world in which we would like to grow older. The World Health Organization’s Global Network for Age-Friendly Cities and Communities now includes more than 540 communities across the world. Three of them are in the San Francisco Bay Area and home to thriving villages.

Community Care Connections members provide support through transportation assistance

Member Spotlight

Care Connections Network, Huntington Beach

Care Connections Network is a vibrant, active village located in suburban Huntington Beach, California. It is a faith-based village and its membership is comprised of both congregation and community members.  Members are focused on educational and social opportunities and the most popular of these is the monthly educational seminars with a free lunch. Seminar presenters are sourced from local community partners and vetted vendors or other organizations serving older adults often sponsor the lunch.