At Village Movement California we believe
in the power of community to achieve
society-wide change in the way we age.

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Villages Respond to COVID - 19

Villages are responding to the changing situation with creativity and optimism. Our COVID-19 resource page is designed to help your leaders adapt operations and communications so that members and volunteers stay healthy and connected during the pandemic. Our infrastructure for meeting needs of older adults is more vital than ever. Together we are building community resilience.

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Discover all the ways you can collaborate with Village Movement California to build innovative, community-based solutions that empower older adults to remain in charge of their lives as they age.

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Village Movement California is a coalition of grassroots community based organizations called villages. Together with our partners, we seek to revolutionize the experience of aging.

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Bold Ideas & Invested Partners

Expanding the possibilities for aging well means engaging new partners. Villages provide critically important supports  and services to help their members stay healthy and out of the hospital. When health care organizations and villages enter into mutually beneficial partnerships, members gain access to a wider array of services and support, and villages can prosper by attracting new supporters.

Lead the Conversation

When villages  join forces, their united voice becomes bigger and stronger. Villages and Age-Friendly Cities share a vision for creating a world in which we would like to grow older. The World Health Organization’s Global Network for Age-Friendly Cities and Communities now includes more than 540 communities across the world. Three of them are in the San Francisco Bay Area and home to thriving villages.

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Member Spotlight

Pasadena Village

Pasadena Village is not a place to live but a way to live. Our members build strong, supportive relationships through a rich array of member-led programs and activities that help us remain engaged and productive, while making  new friends. We are committed to reflecting the richness and diversity of our neighborhoods. We share a mutual goal to have fun, learn and help each other.