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Workshop Slides: Building and Strengthening Community

This presentation was delivered during the 2020 conference’s first session and addressed the value of villages as an antidote to loneliness and isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Patrick Arbore discussed mental health issues arising during the COVID era and how villages can respond.

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Workshop Slides: Social Connection – The Research and Case for Villages

This workshop covered research on social isolation and loneliness, and elements of social connection including volunteerism and networks. The speaker made recommendations about original research that could be conducted by Village Movement California and shared a number of online resources.

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Workshop Slides: Villages and Resilient, Age Friendly Cities

Village Movement California conducted this workshop during the League of California Cities annual conference in October 2019. It covers what villages do, how villages unlock individual and community resilience, how villages embody age friendly principals and policies, and the rationale for cities to invest in villages.

Participating Villages:


Nov 28, 2019

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