Innovation Can’t Wait

The COVID-19 era insists that the village movement embrace innovation to succeed. In lieu of a face-to-face convening, we held a four-part workshop series titled “Innovation Can’t Wait.” All sessions took place on Zoom and were accessible through a smart phone, tablet, computer, or landline. Close Captioning was provided.

The Workshops

The links take you to the session’s video recording.

June 24       Building and Strengthening Community with Dr. Patrick Arbore, Founder and Director of the Friendship Line

July 8           Marketing and Membership with Helen Elder, Partnership Coordinator, Villages Northwest

July 22        The Intergenerational Village with Kate Hoepke, Executive Director of San Francisco Village and Encore Fellow

August 5     Financial Sustainability Speaker with Jan Masaoka, CEO, California Association of Non-Profits


Our generous sponsors included:

  • AARP California
  • Able Access Home Modification
  • ATI Advisory
  • Covia
  • Onward Rides

Information about our sponsors’ services and contacts are here.

Photo of 6 villages in front of a waterfall

Member Spotlight

Pasadena Village

Pasadena Village is not a place to live but a way to live. Our members build strong, supportive relationships through a rich array of member-led programs and activities that help us remain engaged and productive, while making  new friends. We are committed to reflecting the richness and diversity of our neighborhoods. We share a mutual goal to have fun, learn and help each other.