Intergenerational Connections: A Tale of Plumas County

Community Connections is a multi-generational time-bank village located in Plumas County in northeastern California, nestled between the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountain Ranges. The population of the entire county is just under 19,000 people, 24% of whom are over the age of 65. With only 7.8 people per square mile, many homes are isolated and located miles from shopping, medical care, and services.

Their vision is to create a community culture where people contribute their skills and talents and in turn have access to support, resources and educational opportunities to meet their needs and interests. Each person doing what they can, when they can.

Community Connections is intended to be for everyone. The youngest member is 5 years-old and the oldest is 99. Having a 3rd grader help an 88 year-old who lives alone take care of her cat, benefits them both and allows valuable connections and relationships to develop. Many older members indicate their greatest ‘need’ is to feel necessary and useful to their community. They enjoy the opportunity to remain active and involved in the community and they especially enjoy working with younger members. One senior said, “I may be retired, but thanks to Community Connections, I’m still required!”

Another expressed her gratitude this way, “I don’t know where I would be without Community Connections. I do know I wouldn’t be able to live on my own now that my husband has passed away. I depend on the program for so many things, but mostly to keep me motivated to face each day knowing I’m not alone.”

Community Connections was recently featured on NPR in a story by Ina Jaffe:
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Palos Verdes Peninsula Village members at a barbershop quartet event

Member Spotlight

Palos Verdes Peninsula Village

Palos Verdes Peninsula Village provides a community where members continue to grow, engage with one another, and age with independence, dignity and purpose.  Through volunteers and referrals, we provide support and services for members who have chosen to live in the communities and homes they love as they get older. Our mission is to preserve and enhance the comfort, security, dignity and sense of belonging for older residents who wish to continue to live on the Peninsula.